Why Rug Restoration & Repair Services Are Highly Sought After

When cleaning isn't enough, you should get our rug restoration team to help you. We can fix any kind of rug—no matter how complicated its design is or how long it has been on this planet. We have been providing first-rate rug restoration services for years, and we have specifically served a lot of commercial clients in this area.
If you own an office that has wall-to-wall carpeting—and it's all beginning to look tattered and discolored—getting in touch with us would be a good move. Our thorough and meticulous technicians can come out to your property, work fast, and make sure your carpets look wonderful again from wall to wall.
We are often called on to perform a wide range of rug restoration services, but the ones we do often are rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing. To know more about each of these rug restoration services a little more, read through the sections below, where each one is briefly explained.


Everything You Need To Know About Area Rug Color Restoration

Some rugs can last for well over 100 years without ever losing their original color, but most rugs unfortunately don't enjoy this kind of longevity. For this reason, rug owners often need rug recoloring services, and these are services our technicians will happily provide.
Our pros know the ins and outs of rug recoloring, and we can dye any kind of rug, even the antiques. Once our rug re-dying process is over, you will notice that the dye never fades, nor will it lose its prominence. A rug recoloring may take a week or so, but once you get your rugs back you'll surely adore them again.

Our Area Rug Reweaving Service Is Timely And Affordable

If you own Persian and/or oriental rugs, you know how important frequent rug reweaving is. Sometimes, our rug reweaving services are needed multiple times in a single year, as some rugs require reweaving this often.
We can also repair a wide variety of rugs with reweaving, and often rugs that are damaged by moths need reweaving so they look brand new again. Our technicians can reweave some rugs by hand, but often we have to rely on machines in our shop for this. For this reason, most reweaving jobs will require you to bring your rug to us.

Our Experts Can Perform Area Rug Binding For You

Rug binding is another important restoration service that our team provides. We will either use binding tape or a heavy duty sewing machine to bind your rugs, and we will always pursue the method that is most effective and affordable for you.
A binding service, especially one that's done right by our team, will ensure you don't have to replace a beloved rug.

Fringing Is A Service We’re Often Called On To Perform

Hand woven-rugs are also popular nowadays, but these rugs are unfortunately prone to unraveling. For this reason, among others, owners of hand-woven rugs often call us to get our rug fringing service. We can either fringe by hand or use a machine, and we’ll follow your instructions to ensure your rug is fringed the way you want it.