Fair Lawn Carpet Cleaning | Why Choose Us

Even rugs and carpets that are maintained well need professional cleaning services every now and then, and it's here where our Fair Lawn carpet cleaning business serves both homeowners and business owners in the area.
For years, our licensed and certified carpet cleaning technicians have been going above and beyond to satisfy our clients, and we're going far beyond where our competitors are willing to go. We are trusted and preferred by both residential and commercial clients, and our affordable, timely services can be beneficial to anyone who owns rugs and carpets in the area.
We’re a family-owned and operated business, and we’ll use the best products, technology, and methods to ensure your rugs and carpets get cleaned. We also specialize in rug and carpet restoration.

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

Our licensed and certified rug cleaning experts have been cleaning rugs and carpets for years, and that’s why we’re trusted by those who need Fair Lawn carpet cleaning.


Rug Restoration & Repair

Bringing rugs back to their former glory is what we do best. We have the tools, machines, and materials necessary to restore any kind of rug. Often, we do recoloring, reweaving, binding, and fringing for clients.


We’re Often Called On To Clean These Rugs

No matter what kind of rug you have, we can clean it. We’ll clean your rugs at your home or in our shop—it's up to you. We can clean antique, vintage, store-bought, and exotic rugs. We’ll handle your rugs and carpets with care, as this way you won’t have to worry about your rug coming back damaged after cleaning.
We’ll also follow specific instructions you have to a T. We’ll do this to ensure your rug is properly taken care of before, during, and after the cleaning. No job is too big or complex for us. Here are the rugs we often clean:
Oriental rugs
Shag rugs
Polypropylen rugs
Persian rugs
Faux Fur/Hyde rugs
Wool rugs
Silk rugs
Cotton rugs
Jute rugs
Synthetic rugs


We're Trusted & Preferred In Fair Lawn

As was mentioned earlier, we are a family-owned cleaning service, so we know the value of providing first-rate customer service consistently. We believe this is the reason why our list of clients has kept growing since we first began our cleaning service a few years ago.
These days, we are proud to be a first choice for those who need Fair Lawn carpet cleaning. Our technicians will stop at nothing to get a job done the way you want, and they’re both meticulous and thorough. They'll work fast, and in most cases we can provide same-day rug/carpet cleaning services.


Using Green & Non-Toxic Products

If you're concerned about the environment—and who isn't these days—you can elect to have us use green and non-toxic products instead of our standard rug cleaning products. If we use green products, you don't have to worry about the effectiveness of our cleaning service being compromised. Our technicians are accommodating and versatile, and this is one way we ensure safety and satisfaction for our clients.